Saturday, 17 May 2014


Why, with the most glorious view out the front that anyone could wish for, why would you have a huge picture window with a glazing bar EXACTLY at eye level?  No matter where we sat in the room, the thick horizontal lined up with the mountains.  We could see the garden underneath and the sky above, but never the whole picture.

And having casually said a couple of years ago "if the kitchen sink was moved we could put the table by the window and watch the birds & pond whilst eating” which resulted in our second go-round of moving kitchen units back in December 2013, it was now time to put the next part of that plan into effect.

There followed a day of efficient activity for the window fitters, a day with the plasterer from hell in the house and abject misery for me.  I absolutely hate the mess, the noise, the disruption. It doesn't help that the trades and Management always tell me "it will be fine, we'll clear up, you won't know we've been here" - that is a complete is a load of bollocks (sorry, technical term). It never is 'fine', they never clear up, and I always know they've been here.  That's why there are photos on Day One, and nothing until the ones at the end which were taken months later.

The fact that I've been doing this (feels like endlessly) for the last seven years does not mean I've got used to it, just means I dread each stage of the house renovation more than the last.  I'm past believing "it will be worth it once it is done", and as we've just [April 2015] ordered three more windows, guess who will NOT be here when they're fitted? 

I particularly like this photo.  See the lovely sheet of plastic hanging inside the opening "to stop the dust"?  See the 12" gap at the top?

(finally published on 1st April 2015 . . . !)

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