Saturday, 31 May 2014

What happens when you are an idiot

. . . and you put a wildlife camera in the vegetable patch and forget about it?

You end up with umpteen-thousand-and-eleventy-seven images to sort through.  Or at least as many as will fit on a 16GB memory card.

The Bushnell took up residence in the veg. patch in April and stayed there for a rather long time.  All the unflattering images of me planting asparagus have gone right where they belong (good ol' Trash Can!) as have numerous black & white shots of neighbouring cats wandering around as if they owned the place.

I'm delighted with the cameras and the image quality can be outstanding.  The main problem, believe it or not, isn't setting them out and forgetting them - it's finding a location where they are not blinded by the sun during the day or by the footpath lights at night.  I'm still working on that.

(published 2nd April 2015)

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