Thursday, 1 May 2014

Bag End through the year: Potager / Fruit Cages

May 2014: The fruit cage now has netting, very impressed with Harrod Horticulture's design.  Finishing off the cage was not really a one-woman job. I fell off the top of one of my raised beds whilst trying to put the roof netting up (I was standing on the wooden edge so as not to compress the soil) … lost my footing and had a split second to decide whether to fall INTO the side of the greenhouse or twist myself in mid-air and avoid smashing a large pane of toughened glass :{  Naturally I chose the later option but thoroughly wrenched my shoulder in the process.  The strawberries are all in and growing well.

In the Potager the old beds have been cleaned up and most of the plastic arches removed.

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