Thursday, 1 May 2014

Bag End through the year: Everywhere else!

May 2014:

Sadly, this isn't working as a method of recording changes through the year :{  And there's too much else going on this year anyway, so I'm giving up the 'BETTY' posts.

March 2014:  The big fedge has been cut back and is already sprouting again.  The bed in front of it photographs well - in real life it's a weedy mess but there are lots of seedlings that I don't want to uproot until I have identified them.  In late 2012 this patch was the recipient of a couple of handfuls of 'mixed seed'.  The Snakes Head Fritillary are growing well and have survived Daisy charging over this bed to get her ball :{

I've made a small start on the juniper by cutting a little every couple of weeks to fill the Council green bins.

January 2014:  The willow fedge needs cutting back, a job which has to wait until I feel up to building a new fedge along the front to keep the daffodil foliage tidy.  Talking of which, the daffs are pushing up rapidly but there are gaps where we suffered unavoidable damage when the fence/netting was being installed.

The huge juniper will come down this year which will open up the ground at the back of the house.  The laurel hedging between the Top Pond and Coppice is coming on strongly and down on the drive, early heather has started to flower.  Beyond the Big Pond the planting in curved bed is not right, the privet struggles badly and nothing seems to be filling out.  The larch in the field next to us are on borrowed time and once they're cut down we will be even more exposed to the wind.


  1. I wish my fritillary seeds would progress beyond the grass stage, I keep gathering seeds from the flowers of our two clumps - one a white variety - they germinate but don;t grow on at all.

    1. Sue, I cannot claim seed sowing success with the SHF. Five small plants purchased last year which have excelled this Spring ... no-one is more surprised than me :}

      Well done for getting your seeds to germinate, sounds like they need different conditions if they're not growing on?


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