Friday, 25 April 2014

Unexpected progress

LP won't be available next week, so he came in yesterday afternoon and all of today.  We finished assembling the fruit cage so all I've now got to do is put the netting round, then I can plant the new strawberries which have grown strongly since their arrival a month ago.  It would be nice to think that's a job which will go fairly smoothly but I'm not deluding myself - access at both sides is difficult to nearly impossible and it's not going to be easy.

LP spent the rest of Thursday and much of Friday on carpentry duty and the result is some outstandingly tidy edges on the lawns.  In a triumph of recycling (and not having to buy more materials), we've taken down more of the original paddock fence which is no longer needed to reuse the timber.

He would have finished too, except Management and I decided he'd have more fun helping us 'play' with the pole pruner and chainsaw and shred all the cotoneaster rubbish that was destined for the chop.

There is now significantly more light in the vegetable patch and and even bigger pile of wood destined for the log store.  The juniper got a bit more 'attention' and the view to the Top Pond has suddenly opened up.


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    1. Sorry Sue, it's probably a good thing then that you didn't see me wielding the chainsaw, which is way more dangerous than the pole pruner than Management was using :}

  2. You must be really pleased with all your progress of the past few years. It`s looking good!

  3. Hi DW, and thank you. Yes, we are ~hugely~ pleased with how things have suddenly come together. There are now many occasions every day when I just look around and sigh with pleasure .... :}

  4. It's all looking great - so neat and tidy :)

  5. Hi Jenny, there's manner in my madness - if the lawn edges are neat you can get away with all sorts of neglect and abandonment elsewhere and the garden will still look (relatively) decent!


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