Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Not recommended

One of LP's other jobs is helping out at a nearby farm.  It was that time of year when the chicken sheds are stripped out and deep cleaned and I was offered a couple of trailer loads of well rotted poultry poo.  With one large compost bin completely empty it would have been rude to say no . . .

With the benefit of hindsight, I might not accept such an offer again.  Even though the muck I received came from the bottom of the shed and was very 'mature', during the heat of summer it still had a rather more pungent aroma than Management was happy with (I just figured it smelled of the countryside . . . )  It has also weeped and seeped sideways and made quite a mess of the grass.  When we eventually get to use this bin it will be interesting to see whether all the smell and seepage was worth it.

(finally published on 1st April 2015 . . . !)

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