Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Nearly, but not quite, out of control

Spring is always a manic time in the garden and this year seems like one of the worst/best.  The mild temperatures and lengthening daylight mean that plants are almost growing as you watch and there is more to do than can possibly be fitted into the time available.  Add to that a keen and enthusiastic garden helper who wants to 'crack on' and make the most of the good weather and I have the uncomfortable feeling that everything around me is a sea of spinning plates and I'm rushing around in the middle of it all.

What a wonderful problem to have :}

LP is busy sorting out ground levels between the raised beds and the shed.  With all the beds now full (and that means nearly ready for planting, yeay!!) we have the unexpected 'problem' of where to put the rest of the soil.  Actually, we know exactly where it will all end up going but the destination isn't available/ready yet.  So, digging out has been put on hold but not before LP put all the soil from the first section through the Sherpa and set it in pots to make it easy for me to plant the asparagus crowns.  (Shame on me, no photos of the Sherpa in action).

We've also cleared the old strawberries and failed raspberries from the Potager.

I'm busy in the background sowing seeds, weeding, cutting the grass, providing a hand when LP needs help or making decisions when he asks questions.  Not particularly photo-worthy but extremely time consuming and cumulatively, fairly exhausting!

There's been other work too but that deserves a post all of its own.

And Little Miss Perfect?  No fells this week but she's been busy walking down by the river, endlessly chasing various toys around the garden and supervising our work.  Add to that constant company, the wood burner when it gets chilly in the evenings and lots of cuddles and she seems to be doing OK :}


  1. It's all looking good and the seedlings look as though they are really coming on well, especially those strawberries. Daisy looks the proper lady, sitting there like that. Take care and hope Easter is fine for you.

    1. Thanks Susan, you are right - everything is coming on really well and just wandering around looking at things is such a pleasure. Happy Easter to you too.

  2. Is Daisy still a hydrophobe? At first I thought all those pots were planted up with potatoes. How many raised beds do you have?

    1. Morning Sue. Daisy will never be terribly happy about water but she's better than she used to be. We can cross small streams now and she will drink when out.

      The pots are strawberries and some of the asparagus which was just heeled in until the bed is ready.

      We have three of the huge raised beds (7m long) but one is full of potatoes and another will mostly be full of asparagus. Not a lot of room left for the rest of the veg - need more beds!

  3. Replies
    1. Don't worry Jill, lots of breathing .... it's hardly blog-worthy but I do take the time to just meander around and look with amazement at all we've done :}


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