Monday, 3 March 2014

Water, water, everywhere ...

LP was not the only one working hard in the garden last weekend.  When the first lot of beds were constructed in the vegetable patch Management made a very smart suggestion to put an IBC tank in the corner and make it easy to do the watering.

The first decent weekend for months had Management spending nearly all of it cutting steel and practising his welding.  He can be more of a perfectionist than I am so it took him ages.

Daisy was a little too interested in what Daddy was doing and I ended up having to rig up a baby-gate to keep her away from decidedly un-dog-friendly things like grinders and arc welding.

I painted the frame on Sunday afternoon and on Monday the chaps bravely lifted an extremely heavy structure into place and LP ensured it was concreted firm.

(of course, the one leg I photograph is the one I forgot to paint ....)

A bit more painting to do, then I'll move one of our existing tanks which never got connected to the house guttering.


  1. Little dog noses do sneak into the most unwise of places.

  2. It wasn't her nose I was worried about Sue, there were minuscule shards of metal on the ground from the grinder.


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