Sunday, 16 March 2014

Verbena bonariensis

The Cottage Garden is going to need more than a "little tweak" this Spring.  It was the first part of the garden that LP helped us with and is already getting out of control.  Despite being thrashed by wind all winter and baked by whatever sun we get in summer, the plants just grow and grow and grow.

Including half a dozen Verbena bonariensis bought as small perennials last year. Small perennials?  They're triffids :}

It has clearly ignored the section on the instruction sheet which says it is meant to die down over winter, if it survives at all.  A couple of plants already have so much new growth on them that cutting back is going to be difficult.  From those I've already done I saved a lot of the new shoots to see if I could strike cuttings from them; in the never-ending miracle which is gardening, so far nothing seems to have wilted.


  1. I still haven't cut down my own triffids yet. Cuttings aplenty then.

    1. Mine are in a fairly bulky potting compost mixed with vermiculite with ends dipped in hormone rooting powder. Kept under a propagator lid so they don't dry out - try it, what have you got to lose?

  2. MIne didn;t die down either and you'll probably find self sown seedlings popping up.


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