Friday, 21 March 2014

Stress Buster

When some folk are stressed they drink, or eat.  Management's solution to being wound up is to retreat into a book and I need to get outdoors.  LP's solution is to work, very very hard.  Which is how, in one windy and cold morning he turned a messy pile of timber offcuts in the vegetable patch into a good proportion of next winter's fuel.

The larch offcuts have been stacked next to the log store for so long that despite searching for quarter of an hour or more I can't find the blog entry showing when we moved them. 

But not content with processing it all he then turned his attentions to the pallets.  The ones dumped around the veg patch lasted about an hour once the chainsaw went to work and he's got his sights on those behind the shed.

That's one hell of an achievement for a chilly Friday, and he says he is coming back tomorrow :}


  1. Your raised beds look fantastic. Very smart!

    I wish LP lived in our village. We could do with a bit of help with the left over wood.

    1. All villages need an LP :} Hope we get a long, warm summer so you can tackle your own wood.

  2. Replies
    1. Good idea Sue but we already have so many places for wildlife that the best place for old pallets is in my wood burner!

  3. Oh, yes, I need someone like LP to be stressed out at my house!!!!

    1. FFG, in that case you need a house no more than ten miles from me. Good luck packing and with the move :}


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