Thursday, 20 March 2014

Spring fling

Oh, when will I learn?  Only a week ago I blithely stated that the Coppice "needs no more than an occasional tweak here and there for the rest of the year".  For about thirty seconds I might even have believed that myself . . . 

It started innocently enough when I decided to go up to Dobbies.  I had some vouchers which needed to be used before their end of month expiry and wanted additional blueberry bushes for the Potager.  The ones I bought from Dobbies two years ago have been marvellous and last year (which was their first really productive season) we were treated to over 1.5kg of fruit.  Based on the supermarket cost of teeny 100g packet, those first 4 bushes have already nearly paid for themselves.

And so it came to pass that four more Blueberry plants found their way into my basket.  I should have left then, of course I didn't.  I have no-one to blame but myself, and the late, great Geoff Hamilton.  Geoff once said if you go to a nursery once a month and buy a plant which is in flower then in future years you will have something blooming in the garden every month.  Last year I told this to Jo at The Good Life and she took the idea and ran swiftly with it, as did many folk who read her blog.*  Last year was a snotty twelve months and I did not follow my own suggestion.  But confronted with a glorious Spring display in the garden centre I succumbed - badly!

(* side note, Jo is a serious Trouble Maker.  She's the one who got me back into using a Filofax :} thanks kiddo!)

The weather this week has been changeable and unpleasant and although I started on Monday it took until today to get all the plants into the ground.  In the process I decided that the slope next to the little steps was annoying me and gave it an instant 'terracing' makeover.  It looks fantastic and already very settled, so much so that when LP next came round it took him a while to notice what I'd done :}

The indulgence was made up of Hellebores, Erythronium 'Pagoda' (Dog's Tooth Violet), white Anenome blanda, some hopefully hardy cyclamen (but at 50p a pot it's worth the risk) and half-a-dozen evergreen ferns.  Perhaps now the Coppice needs no more than an occasional tweak for the rest of the year .... ?


  1. That`s a lovely selection and hopefully they will be well established this time next year!
    We did the monthly plant buying expeditions in our early years here and it has paid dividends, although some things needed to move or didn`t even survive, but the ones that worked are now mature plants that greet us like old friends when they flower every year.

    I bought some outdoor cyclamen back in the autumn and they have flowered all through the winter. Even through all those weeks of rain.

    1. I know just what you mean about 'old friends' coming back each Spring. Our garden isn't really mature enough for that yet but even so it is wonderful at present to walk around and go "oh, look that's growing".

      Many congratulations to your cyclamen :}

  2. The instant terracing works really well. Another idea I might nick..

    1. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery :}

      The front of the boards are wedged behind lumps of strategically placed timber and at the back I hammered in small posts which are screwed to the boards.

  3. Are you going to keep it up each month now that you've started? The cyclamen I bought last January have been blooming away again this year, it's great waiting for each plant to do their thing for the second time now. The primrose I bought in February has increased in size and is blooming away. Thanks for the mention and glad to hear that you're keeping up to using your filofax.

    1. Maybe not every month Jo, but I certainly need to improve things outside the main growing season. I've bought a lot of plants over the last couple of years and the amount of seeds I seem to think I can grow this year is ridiculous!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Sue, the worrying thing is how rapidly even a 'small' area like the Coppice swallows up a trolley full of plants.


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