Sunday, 9 March 2014

Signs of Spring

Even though we've not had a proper winter (it's only been below freezing once, maybe twice) there are signs of Spring all around.  Almost every plant is putting on new growth and some don't seem to have stopped all year.

Much excitement yesterday as I found our first ever clump of 'home grown' frogspawn.  In previous years all the spawn in our ponds has been brought in from helpful friends or neighbours but this is the first time frogs have ever laid directly in the garden.  Less excitement as I have also seen Great Diving Beetles swimming around in two of the three ponds.  Whilst incredibly attractive they are also a voracious predator and inclined to see our lovely spawn as fresh sushi  ☹  Something else which hasn't stopped growing is the blanketweed and duckweed and whilst I'm scooping it out I occasionally extract a GDB if I'm lucky.  They don't get a chance to go back into the water ...

Also seen today was our first bumblebee flying around the big heather bed on the drive.  I think they nest under these plants and it's always the first place to see them each year.


  1. Just caught up on your blog, which has actually shown up at the top of my list. It usually languishes at the bottom and I quite often don't know that you've posted and I don't understand why. I'm loving your raised beds and can't wait to see everything up and growing. Your garden will have to be my inspiration, though it's probably the size of your greenhouse and I am finding it quite claustrophobic. I don't have an ipad and am not on facebook or twitter. I like my blog and that will do. Too much else to do anyway. Best go and take care.

  2. Hi Susan, have emailed you about the 'following' thing, hope that helps.

    I can't wait to see things growing in those raised beds either! Delighted I am not the only one without a Twitter or Facebook account :}

  3. We have spawn too - some should survive predation - it's why they deposit such huge amounts!

    1. Very true, and now we have spawn in all three ponds so fingers crossed :}


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