Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Bag End through the year: The Ponds

January 2014:  As with the rest of the garden, all the ponds are in need of attention.  In the Big Pond I've got to pull out more Water forget-me-knot, it is horrendously invasive and will take over the entire pond if I turn my back on it, a big mistake and I'll never plant it again and with no cold spell to slow things down, blanket weed is still growing.  Plants are putting out new growth before I've removed last year's old leaves but generally it looks good.  We've finally decided to make an narrow path around the far side, same as the Top Pond but I need more stones and bark chip.

The Top Pond is beautifully clear but there are lots of leaves visible which need to be netted out before they rot.  The narrow path behind this pond has all but disappeared under rampant growth and the bed needs a damn good tidy up.  The Little Pond in the Cottage Garden needs its planting sorted out this year, there's not enough in it although that does not seem to deter the tiny frogs which were often seen last summer.


  1. Looking beautiful ,,, Now I know where everything is :-)

    1. Jill, don't forget there's a map at 'Finding your way around Bag End' - link at the top of the page

  2. I love water in a garden. I wonder when the frogs will appear this year?

    1. No idea.
      I wonder if - because it hasn't been particularly cold - whether they are doing the usual hibernating in the bottom of the pond or if they are under some logs in the garden?


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