Sunday, 16 February 2014

Windy walks

If it's not the rain it's wind.  Sometimes it is both.  February has not been a particularly good month for Daisy and I as all of our favourite fell walks become wetter and muddier and frankly, fairly unpleasant.

Such as the morning we only got three-quarters of the way up Sale Fell before 40mph winds go the better of both of us.

We've been going over to the coast far more and even had sunshine at times.  On one trip poor Daisy was so battered by the wind she placed herself behind my legs as it was the only shelter she could find and stayed so close I couldn't move without either kicking her in the face or tripping over.  That was another outing where we turned round and went back to the car ☹   

But generally, I think it's fair to say she's enjoying herself and is OK with the life she has at Bag End.


  1. She looks pretty ok :-) Nice to see some sunshine over at your side of the country. Plenty of unpleasant mud over here too!

  2. She's probably a bit frustrated at present Jill because we've had a few half decent days weather-wise and LP has been here. Instead of long walks there is much killing of rugby balls in the garden so she's not being completely ignored :}

  3. Spring feels like its almost here, and then hopefully all those walks will dry up and the wind will take itself off somewhere else and life will be back to normal.

    1. You've got to hope so Jenny. I'm happy to have a little wind because it helps the ground dry.

      I wonder how people in the south-west and Thames area are faring - those horrendous floods no longer seem newsworthy but there are still thousands of people with destroyed homes and livelihoods.

  4. We took Tivvy out in a biting wind and she demanded t go home!


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