Thursday, 6 February 2014

Three short walks

Compared to other parts of England we are getting off very lightly this winter.  Whilst the ground is saturated and it feels like the rain will never stop our flooding is nothing compared to Somerset and the south of the country.  This week Daisy and I went out for a walk whenever we could even though conditions were a little dubious on occasions ...

Tuesday:  A damp and cold slightly off-piste excursion up Lord's Seat at Whinlatter, the camera didn't see much action but we did briefly see a little blue sky.

Wednesday:  A thoroughly windswept Sale Fell, on the summit I could lean into the wind at nearly 45 degrees.  It needs to be blowing about 45/50mph for that to happen.  Daisy coped very well, there was tail chasing and a few whippet moments as she went into racing mode.

Thursday:  Sale Fell again, well, why not?  I can see from the house if the summit is clear, it's a short journey with easy parking, and safe & varied walking.  Not quite so windy today but still gusts of nearly 40mph at the top.

Did I say safe?  That doesn't include slipping over again on the descent . . .


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    1. Look closely to the left ... muddy bum too (fell over twice, first time I landed on my butt, second time I slipped forward onto my knees, both times ouch!)

  2. Once is bad enough, twice is sheer carelessness lol :-)

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    1. Thanks Sue. They weren't major falls, in fact, one particular slip on the mud was quite balletic!


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