Saturday, 15 February 2014

Nursery evolution

The nursery area is a brilliant idea (thanks to Management) and I wouldn't want to be without it, but we've never really made the most of the space.  I seem to change the layout around each year and it works for a while, and then all the mess builds up again as I treat it like a glorified dumping ground . . . which is stupid.

Spent a lot of time last summer thinking about what I really need and concluded that with the main planting of the garden nearly completed I don't need as much space to raise new plants, and I only use areas as dumping grounds when they don't have a firm purpose which cannot be subverted.  LP's gift of a greenhouse/cold frame needed a permanent home so we came up with the idea of a fairly radical makeover which is to:

Re-arrange the main part (again) to maximise growing space and turn the side bit (between the greenhouse and fence) into raised beds for strawberries.

Mid August:  It was sad to take down the old ivy but the dead cotoneaster underneath is rotting and will fall down one day.

Early September: Management helped build the greenhouse/cold frame which immediately became a dumping ground for the polystyrene boxes I'd acquired.

Mid September:  I re-arranged the staging . . . again . . . and most of it blew down in the December gales

January 2014:  LP took out the second ivy/cotoneaster trunk and removed the stumps.

and now we've taken the area apart we can start to rebuild it.


  1. Jill, if you think that's a difference you'll like what we've managed to do in the last couple of days! I'll get the blog up to date as soon as I can :}

  2. I just can't imagine you being untidy, but that little patch is going to look good once organised. I am supposed to be super tidy as I am a Virgo, but gee whiz, I can also get into a proper mess at times. Looking forward to seeing the new pics.
    Take care.

    1. Believe me Susan, I can be as untidy as the next person, if not more so! I've realised however, that my untidiness has one main 'cause'.

      If something does not have a proper home and therefore I don't know where to put it when I am not using it I end up dumping it somewhere. Solution is an old adage I remember from years back: "a place for everything and everything in it's place". Easier said than done ...

  3. Replies
    1. Giggle, I think you'll see a view changes next time you're over this way :}


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