Friday, 28 February 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

An immediate effect of cutting down on my sugar has been a noticeable increase in energy levels.  Not quite back to the Energiser Bunny levels of previous years but rapidly heading towards Hobbit-who-never-stops and is always on the go.  "Nearly but not quite" is wonderful compared to how I felt last year and LP and I have 'celebrated' this by making phenomenal progress in the greenhouse.  We had nearly SIX INCHES OF RAIN in February and compared to the previous two years we should have been building an Ark not raised beds, but the horrible conditions outside were a perfect opportunity to work under cover and completely transform the greenhouse.

We made a start at the end of January but the real progress has been in the last couple of weeks.

Rather pleased with ourselves that we thought to lay in conduit now rather than think about it later. We're probably going to extend the electrics from the adjacent shed.


Assistant Gardener was quite determined to check our progress, sit right in the middle of what we're working on (that takes Special Skills), and contribute in her own unique way.

We've turned a very lovely greenhouse into something entirely new and I have a "pinch me, is this really mine? " moment every time I go near it!

 The whole space feels completely different; this is going to sound totally cuckoo but it's more friendly, more enveloping, more welcoming.  

I feel a quite uncharacteristic urge to make some Cath Kidston style bunting .....


  1. It looks great and I can't wait to see it with the bunting up.

    1. Thanks Sue, you won't be surprised that bunting's not very high up the priority list :}

  2. I seems to have missed loads of your posts. They just don't seem to come up on my bloglist and should

    1. Sue, If you use a feed-reader (such as Feedly) it will show all posts. The way I tend to publish a batch in one go means only the most recently will show on your own sidebar.

    2. I use Bloglovin but not a feed reader as such. I tend to write a batch of post at one time but I then schedule them to automatically post later. How do you manage to date yours differently if they are all published together?

    3. Go to the 'Schedule' option on the right-hand side (under Post SEttings) and select whatever date and time you need.

      You are setting a date in the future, I'm usually setting a date in the past in order to that the post is the date when something happened.


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