Saturday, 1 February 2014

Bag End through the year: Cottage Garden

January 2014:  Lots of bare soil is masking the fact that both the fedge bed and lasagne bed are overplanted and already in serious need of some reorganisation.  Creeping buttercup is a big problem on the fedge bed but everything is else (generally) under control.  Even though we haven't had winter yet  honeysuckle is already sprouting over the arch. The new hedge and grass bed seem to be doing OK but the Verbena Bonariensis appears unaware that it is a herbaceous perennial and should have died back by now.


  1. Interesting photos Jayne. Your new plantings are looking good. Many things in my garden are under the illusion that we are missing out Winter this year and going straight to Spring! My Verbena Bonariensis is still tall and sturdy too after being totally killed by the frosts in previous years.

    1. Same here Jill, lots of new shoots. It won't do the new growth any good if we get snow and frozen temperatures in February/March.

  2. I shifted a V. bonariensis last autumn and it is still going strong too. Thinking I must go up the hill and give it a prune.

  3. The herbaceous perennials and ferns seem to have a malfunction of their seasonal clocks!

  4. I just hope we don't get Winter when all the fruit trees are in blossom!


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