Monday, 13 January 2014

One of our footpaths is missing

Lovely morning, blue sky and sunshine in the west so a trip to Mawbray was in order (pronounced Maw-br if you want West Cumbrian-speak).  The coast road has now been cleaned up and there's less sand and debris on it than before the storm but we're missing three car parks from the Maryport end of the road - the ground has been completely washed away.

Mawbray is more or less intact although the dunes nearest the beach are in a sorry state, the amount of rubbish caught in the grass in quite depressing, most of it plastic.  Normally if I find a bit of stray litter on the fells I pick it up and bring it home.  Here that isn't an option, just in the short section we walked there's enough mess to fill a dozen skips, I didn't take any photos, don't want to be reminded of it.

At the northern end of the nature reserve is another area where the sea has claimed a few more yards.


  1. Plastic is a real pain and a disaster for wildlife. Even in our garden we end up with bags flapping up in trees.

    1. The Mawbray dunes are a SSSI and an AONB (very important site for Natterjack Toads). Hopefully there will be a volunteer effort set up to clear some of the plastic, we'll keep an eye on local news and go and help if we can.

  2. There was tons of rubbish at Spurn too. I didn't photograph it either! Good pics of the erosion, lovely blue sky.

    1. I am sure it's the same story on coasts everywhere Jill.


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