Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Busy Tuesday

I'm out of the habit of getting organised for early morning starts but it's worth it to be back at the yoga class which I thoroughly enjoy.  Back home, eat, then straight out again with Daisy makes it a busy day.  A gentle (just under) 3 miles around Whinlatter.  A bit of slightly off piste wandering around searching for a route up the flank of Ladyside Pike until I found the path I was looking for.

    Not where you might expect from the photo, but there's a path out of the back of this clearing

As this was just a little afternoon dog-walk I didn't have a full rucksack and with snow down to about 500m and it would have been silly to go up there.   It was fun, however, was take some pictures of the valley opposite clearly showing the routes up from the Spout Force parking (which was closed for some very overdue resurfacing, thank goodness).

At the weekend I had another freezer cooking session.  I stopped on the way home to drop off some curries for my 'pony poo' supplying friend who is nursing her husband at home.  His cancer has spread at a frightening pace and I don't think he'll last the week.  She calls me her 'Meals on Wheels' provider :{


  1. It's so sad about your friends husband - she's lucky to have you!

    Do you post date your blog posts as you b=never seem to pop up at the top of my newly updated list?

    1. Hi Sue, sadly Bert passed away a couple of days ago. I'm not the only one providing 'meals on wheels' so at least my friend is getting fed.

      I date my posts for when the activity happened, even if that was a few days ago. That's why my new posts don't always come to the top of Blogger lists, sorry.

  2. Yes it's very sad Jayne. Lovely photos of your walk. I have started going to yoga too. Can't say I 'enjoy' it as such but I'm sure it will do me good!

    1. Thanks for your kind thoughts, Jill.

      There are many different approaches to yoga. My teacher works in a holistic 'mind-body-breath' way and there is a lot of stillness and meditative periods in her classes. It is calming, restorative, but a good workout too. Some teachers just go for the 'exercise class' approach.


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