Saturday, 14 December 2013

Wild, wet and very windy

Whilst Daisy and I would both like to get out for a 'proper walk' today it's currently physically impossible. The anemometer recorded a gust of 36 mph at the house and the rest of the time it is blowing steadily between 20 and 25 mph. On the fells or near the beach it is probably almost impossible to stand up.

(rubbish picture but the best I'm going to manage in these conditions)

The little scale on the left of the screen is registering 'Gale Force 7'.

Nothing like as bad as last week, but not a day to go far from home.

    (Whitehaven harbour, photo copyright North News & Pictures)

Management came out to help with a consequence of not having everything bolted down - fortunately the chair had landed on the muddy planting shelf and was easy to rescue. It will need a hell of a clean though.

Daisy was thoroughly unimpressed with this particular trip outside and stayed on the doorstep until we returned from our madness and let her in.

She is now buried in the basket by my desk, probably sulking.


  1. The wind has reached here! It's howling through the trees and round the house as I type this. A large tree came down near us in the wind last Thursday. Fortunately well away from the house and garden. Fantastic photo of the wave at Whitehaven, hope there wasn't too much flooding last week and fingers crossed you don't get any damage in this week's gale force winds. Stay safe. Jill x

    1. Hi Jill, glad your trees are all safe. I'm glad there are no more leylandii here with the wind we've had recently.

      When I walked D. yesterday morning I looked at that daft pine outside my neighbour's house and wondered if/when it will get blown down.

  2. Poor Daisy - she knows she would be likely to fly in that wind.


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