Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Whinlatter and other walks

It has been uncharacteristically quiet at Bag End for the last week.  I've had a heavy cold and then poor Daisy went down with something.  She really wasn't herself and on Monday we had a trip to Clare just to check it wasn't kennel cough.  Fortunately our trusted vet pronounced her clear of the dreaded Bordetella bacteria but the result is that neither of us have been up for long walks recently.  Mostly we have gone down to the river; an easy flat walk from the house gives us up to 2½ miles if we feel like going that far. I've said before it's not my favourite walk with ever present noise from the A66 but we always see ducks and a massive heron, and sometimes these lovely little dippers.

(pats self on back for getting a usable picture of both dippers, makes up for the rubbish heron photo)

This week I even saw a huge salmon breaking the surface of the water, apparently this section of the Derwent is a good salmon river, if you're into that sort of thing.

We've had a couple of trips to Whinlatter doing gentle wanders from the small car park above Swinside cottages.  This morning Daisy didn't see the two huge deer who crossed our path but she did smell them.  Thankfully she contented herself with sniffing madly and didn't try to chase off through the trees.

There was a very confused foxglove.

It was extremely windy but the trees gave us lots of shelter.  At the one mile point this morning I got wobbly legs and I think Daisy was getting tired too, a gentle downhill back to the car and home for more time in front of the wood-burner :} No other cars here and we hadn't seen anyone, coupled with smashing views it makes a lovely little walk.

Dogs can enjoy the view too ...


  1. Get well soon both, time in front of the wood burner sounds about right.

    1. Thanks Jessica, the WBS and a new Kindle ensures I've done a great deal of sitting down recently :}

  2. Hope you are feeling better and Daisy too. Nice that you can still get out as the weather cools. Take care.

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry you and Miss Daisy aren't up to snuff. Sure hope you both recover quickly. That does look like a lovely walk.

    1. Hi FFG, this is a different part of Whinlatter to where I walked a lot last winter and there are some lovely gentle tracks.


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