Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Sunshine and Shadow

After the horrendous storms of the last week I didn't expect Christmas Day to bring sunshine, but with the prospect of a few rain-free hours Daisy and I didn't need a second invitation to get out and stretch our legs on Sale Fell.  Not as busy as I expected, although there were more people around than usual.  It was breezy but not blowing a gale, and nippy but not freezing cold.  Her Ladyship obviously enjoyed being about and about on a 'proper' walk.

I can see my house from here :}

Definitely enjoying herself:

It is exactly one year since we first took Daisy to Sale Fell and let her off the lead.  Since then we've covered about 350 miles on the fells, by the beach and down by the river.  Aiming for 500 in 2014?

I've waited 12 months to get this picture, Madam doesn't do posing or portraits!

The rest of the day was remarkably quiet, it feels more like a "mid-week Bank Holiday with the expectation of a good supper" rather than Christmas.  Management has a cold and I'm getting one so there was sitting around, TV and the good supper, our 'traditional' Beef Wellington with glorious fillet from the local butcher.

Non-photographed desert was something I had hoped to achieve but wasn't sure I would - Summer's Pudding filled with entirely home-grown fruit.  Absolutely delicious, fresh and light, and certainly to be repeated.  Management's desert was trifle with our own strawberries.

And an early night, atishoo!!  atishoo!!  atishoo!!


  1. Love that picture of Daisy and maybe she is going to be a bit of a "poser". Walk looks lovely with all those fells just sprinkled with snow. Hmm!, Summer pudding always looks delicious, but I've never had it or made it. Hubby isn't keen on berries as he says the seeds annoy him. BTW, 2 of my kids swear by echinacea, at the start of a cold. Take care.

    1. Thanks Susan, it is the first time Daisy has ever 'posed', usually she just runs back to me. Training has definitely failed when it comes to the 'stay' command!

      I'm out of echinacea, must get a fresh supply.

  2. Oh no. Hope you both shake off the colds asap. Not a day for walking today though, even without a cold.
    That portrait of Daisy, with the stunning scenery in the background, is brilliant. She must have been waiting for a suitably dramatic backdrop.

    1. Happy Christmas Jessica, hope all is safe at Duck Towers :}

  3. Happy Christmas, a little belated, Bilbo. I too am just getting rid of a cold. Try Vick on the soles of your feet, especially at bedtime with a pair of socks in bed if you can stand them! I have been using it all day too and I'm sure I have recovered far sooner than I would normally. My Jane said it worked for her cough too. Gorgeous photos, lovely to see you had sunshine after the appalling weather forecast for Cumbria. Had it been better we might have been tempted up there!! David didn't say absolutely not this year!

    1. Jill, (belated) Happy Christmas to you too and thanks for the advice. For once, David was right not to want to come up here, it would have been miserable and possibly unsafe to be in a caravan over the past couple of weeks.


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