Friday, 20 December 2013

Stir crazy

My walking diary (which isn't on the blog so don't go looking for it) shows that Daisy and I haven't had much in the way of 'interesting' walks this month.  It's either been too wet or too windy, and as I write this it is currently both.  I have just forced Daisy out into the garden for a comfort stop and the wind is gusting around 35/35mph and the rain is lashing down.  No surprises that Little Miss Perfect did NOT want to be outside and scarpered back to the safety of the wood burner as soon as she possibly could. 

Last Sunday we caught a break with the weather and had a good walk around the sand dunes at Mawbray, there was even a glimpse of sunshine but the wind never let up.

The ears are back not because she's worried about anything but because she can't keep them up against the wind!

Today we went to Sale Fell and not surprisingly had the place pretty much to ourselves.  Quite cold and very windy, too windy to do more than a circuit around the lower summit.  At Lowthwaite top I was having trouble walking in a straight line so going any higher up wouldn't have been pleasant.

Same problem with the ears . . .

edit 10.00pm:  at least the rain has stopped, wind gusting a mere 35mph


  1. Looks like a lovely walk even if a bit blustery. You could make Daisy some ear muffs(giggle). Hope all is well after the storm and the damage hasn't been as bad as it looked. I'm a bit behind on blog reading due to a hiccup with i'net provider.
    take care.

    1. Hi Susan, sorry you've had techie trouble. Hope everything is sorted now.

  2. Lovely photos and even lovelier blue sky :-)

  3. Thanks Jill. It feels like it's been grey for ever so the occasional glimpses of sunshine or blue sky are treasured.


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