Saturday, 7 December 2013

Gloriously mundane

Not much activity on the blog recently because the activity at Bag End hasn't been particularly blog-worthy, in fact, life has been gloriously mundane.

All the Christmas decorations are up, earlier than usual because I wanted to clear out anything we haven't used for a couple of years and take to the Hospice shop in time for them to have a chance to sell the stuff.  As a result this year's decorations feel gently subdued and are the better for it.  I don't think Management realised just how happy I was when he came home from London to see everything finished and said "it's different this year, feels under-stated and looks lovely".  Bless him. 

There has been much winter cooking for the freezer.  I'm not an exceptional cook but I do make a fabulous lasagne and we've now got a dozen portions of beef lasagne and about 20 of a vegetarian version tucked away, along with the usual ratatouille and bolognaise.  Need to stock up on a lamb dish, chilli, some curry and a pork casserole and defrost the chest freezer.  It's a lot of work but means we eat much better.  Taking our own 'convenience food' from the freezer in the morning, adding fresh veg or a salad and I can have a decent meal at the end of the day with minimal kitchen time.  I know the meat is local, and the fat & salt content are low.

Hattie finally got a tow-bar, something I have resisted for a long time but could not be put off any longer.  The husband of our friends who bring pony poop has cancer, his prognosis is not "if" but "when" and at one point we didn't think he'd still be alive at Christmas.  His wife would like to bring the stable muck down to me because it gets her away from being a full-time carer for half an hour but she can't always leave the house.  They both love this garden and derive pleasure from the part they have played in creating much of the compost which helps things to grow so well here.  I can now go up to their house to collect the full trailer.


  1. That lasagne looks wonderful. I am dribbling all over the keyboard at the smell and taste of it!

    1. Would you like the beef version or a portion of the veggie one?


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