Saturday, 9 November 2013

You can't always plan tomorrow

Our lives and activities are significantly affected and influenced by the weather, far more than anywhere else I've lived.  Certainly everyone, wherever they are, has to take a coat if it's cold or wet but up here the course of an entire day is moulded by what is (or is not) falling out of the sky onto our heads.

Yesterday was a prime example; the weather forecast predicted a murky morning brightening in the afternoon.  Wrong.  I did all the shopping and errands before lunch and took Daisy up to Whinlatter mid-afternoon.  We arrived at Hobcarton car park, sat for five minutes, and drove back to Cockermouth; the heavens had opened with fury and intent.  Plan B was a pleasant hour bimbling around the park in Cockermouth where there hadn't been a drop of rain.

At 7.00am today the rain fell as hail and the garden was, briefly, completely white.  By 9.00am the clouds had lifted enough to give us the first view of some very white fells.  A little later, from the side of Sale Fell, it looked like this:

Skiddaw is somewhere under that cloud. I'm glad I wasn't there today, it was slippery underfoot as the hail turned to slush.

For a dog who hates getting cold and wet, Little Miss Perfect charged about having a wonderful time.  When I picked up some compressed hail and threw it for her like a snowball she leapt five feet in the air, caught the 'snow' and barked in delight.  Then demanded I did it again.  And again.  And again!  She was better at catching than I am at photographing :}

Lovely walk, although a little breezy at times - first 'hat' outing of the year :}  Between Sale summit and Lothwaite we were hit by a ten minute hail storm and Daisy was not impressed.  Her default position in dreadful weather is to try and run away from it and the last thing I wanted was her careening off the fell in the opposite direction to the car.  Thankfully, putting the lead on calms her down - I think being 'attached' to me gives her some confidence.  No harm done, back to the car safely and no surprises where she spent late afternoon and all evening:

(No, of course she doesn't need a coat on when the fire is lit.  It was [forcibly] removed a short while later)


  1. It's too early to see snow! Don't like it. Make it go away.

    1. You'd HATE it here today then! Very heavy ground frost overnight, clear sky and blazing sunshine now which is revealing a serious amount of white on the felltops. Suspect it won't last but will try and get photos later, right now the low sun is shining directly at house and pictures would be impossible.

  2. We were up in the Dales/Cumbria border yesterday and had all sorts of weather. One minute cloud, gloom and rain and then bright sunshine. Then later something somewhere between sleet and snow.

    1. Hmmm, that sounds about right! Hope you still had a good day, despite the changeable conditions :}


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