Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Veg Patch

LP has been otherwise occupied for the last few weeks and concerned that he's done nothing since October when we had a huge delivery of timber for the vegetable patch.  Which is why I spent a very cold Friday, Saturday, Monday and a bit of Tuesday outside . . .

Friday:  Our first job (there is manner in my madness) was to have him put the remainder of our bark chip supply in plastic bags which we moved up to the nursery area.  It's starting to rot down and I'll be putting it on beds as a mulch.

We then spent an hour in the lane by the side of the garden sweeping up fallen leaves.  There don't seem to be as many as last year but we still collected ten big wheelie bins full which LP has stomped down in the compost bin so it looks less than there is.

After lunch we finally got to the vegetable patch and spent the afternoon measuring, setting out, preparing posts and doing all the things which take ages and leave very little to show for the effort.

Saturday didn't start nicely.  For some reason I hadn't slept well and was still in my dressing gown when LP showed up.  He can be irritatingly cheerful first thing in the morning :{  Progress was frustratingly slow, probably one of those 'least said the better' days, but we had three-quarters of an 8 metre box built by the time we stopped.

I wasn't up early enough on Monday to look for Comet ISON.

However, we did get to finish an eight metre long raised bed and make exponential progress on a terrace of beds next to the trellis.  I hadn't exactly planned these - but I hadn't completely not planned them either.  What I mean is that they existed on one of the many sketches I've done over the last few months but I wasn't sure.  However, once the big bed was completed and we looked at the space it was obvious what would work and look good.  There are b*gger all photos of the work in progress, which is a shame but doesn't really matter.  We put in a couple of hours Tuesday afternoon to finish up and I am still walking around pinching myself HARD.

This doesn't just look good, it looks absolutely fan-flippin-tastic.  Every time I walk past these beds I stop and go "WOW".  I still can't believe that something this gorgeous has been created in my garden in a matter of days.  There's finishing up to do - more DPC on the insides and we're going to put a couple of internal braces in but that's down in the noise.  Can I actually grow veggies which will do justice to these amazing beds?


  1. They are what I call raised beds and look great. Going to take plenty of filling!

    1. Thanks Sue. We have plenty of soil to go in them and thankfully, a still willing LP to physically move it all!

  2. Wow! Time to get the seed catalogues out.

    1. Thanks Jessica, I am dangerous with seed catalogues ..... far better at buying than sowing & growing :{

  3. All is looking good and we'd never be able to do things like that.(hubby just isn't a gardener so it's all up to me) I'm looking forward to seeing them planted up and looking good in Spring.

    1. Thanks Susan. I hope I can grow veggies good enough for such grand beds :}


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