Sunday, 17 November 2013

Busy at Bag End

It has been a busy week but not much has seemed particularly 'blog-worthy'.  On Tuesday we didn't walk to the summit of Darling Fell - which means we got within about 100 yards and the wind was so strong (and cold) that Daisy could hardly stand up, let alone make forward progress.  When we turned around to retrace our steps she was a much happier little dog :}

     Not the view from a summit, but lovely nonetheless!

Instead we walked all the way along the old road to Mosser and back again, not the walk I'd planned but still very pleasant. This is what happens to roads when Cumbria Highways stop maintaining them and leave rain, snow and ice to do their worst.

Midweek we had a long saunter around the park in Cockermouth whilst Hattie's winter tyres were being put on and there were a couple of days where we walked along the river.  A round trip of 2½ miles, it's a nice walk and convenient when I don't want to drive anywhere.

    Daisy is gaining confidence near the river - here she's trying to work out why the long grass is underwater.  Thankfully she shows no desire to get any closer and that's fine with me.

None of this is enough to wear out Her Ladyship.  On Friday we did "Latrigg the long way' and walked through Brundleholme Woods as far east as you can go and then up the hillside which turned the route into a little over 5 miles.  A lovely walk although probably not one I'll do again. The path is on the south side of the fell with a constant drone of noise from the A66,  if I want those sound effects on a walk I can get them down by the river without having taken the car out.  Walking isn't just about exercise or the meditative rhythm of taking one step after another, it's a search for silence, and in that department this route fails that spectacularly.

It also failed in my quest to see what I needed to do to wear out Daisy.  She was happily tired in the evening but Saturday morning Little Miss Perfect was once again full of beans and raring to go.  We've created a muscle-clad monster :}

At home it was a busy week; the Kona Bay quilt is completely finished and Daisy approves of the fleece back, no surprises there!  I quilted the 'Random' top after much procrastination about which pattern to use.  In the end I went with the first of a possible five that came to hand but I'm not thrilled with it; Featheration by Meredith England is a lovely design but it does not interlock as much as I like.

In between showers there's been work in the garden but autumn gardening is not particularly photogenic.  Sweeping up leaves and planting daffodil bulbs doesn't result in much to show for all the work.

    Someone had WAY too much fun packing this up for despatch

     Daisy is convinced I only go into the garden in order to play with her ...


  1. Daisy look to be saying - "What's keeping you?"

    1. Or "why do we keep stopping so you can point that black box at me?"

  2. Daisy is looking very elegant in her smart coat. That quilt is lovely too. The weather forecast, if it can ever be trusted is giving me three dry days this week.. I might just be able to get outside and finish off. Even if it will be freezing.

    1. Hi Jessica, hope you managed to get outside. Wrap up well, forecast is for a bitter wind.

  3. Lovely post which didn't pop until the one above it for some reason. Glad you can still get some walking done before winter sets in properly. That little quilt looks lovely although it is simple, which is something I love in between stretching myself to keep my mind active. Take care.

    1. Thanks Susan, I hope to make another quilt of the same type soon and will try and take more photos of the process. It was a joy to make something so simple :}


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