Sunday, 13 October 2013

Winning the blog-lag battle!

In the Great Scheme of Things, does it really matter?  Who cares if there are gaps in posts, do I care?  Why not just delete the entire catalogue of unsorted photos, breath a sigh of relief and move on from here .... Hmmm, great idea, but hardly one that is going to fly in the company of an obsessive-compulsive Type A personality :} In a year's time when I'm looking back over the blog for some reason or another, I will be glad I had a quiet weekend, pottering and putzing, and doing this:

13th January:  Weather forecast  (yes, that's right ... January!)

8th June:    Wisteria
8th June:    Pond watching
9th June:    Garden visit to Crookdake
10th June:  More pond watching
12th June:  lunch in Holme Wood

9th July:    Split shifts in the garden
12th July:  Foxgloves
20th July:  Playing in the pond
21st July:  a sunny morning at Mawbray

5th August:    Red visitors
6th August:    a walk at Whinlatter
7th August:    August flowers
9th August:    Mawbray again
14th August:  a short bimble near Lorton
18th August:  Garden visitors - birds
24th August:  an uncooperative Dragonfly
29th August:  New gate

5th September:    Reclaiming the daffodil bed
24th September:  Lead legs on Ling Fell
28th September:  An afternoon in waders

1st October:    Grey morning in Ennerdale
9th October:    LP returns from his summer-break
10th October:  It's all about the view

I didn't spend the entire weekend sorting photos, Daisy and I had a lovely stroll through Holme Wood on Sunday afternoon where someone has obviously been having way too much fun with a chainsaw.


  1. You have been busy on the blog. Does this mean you're up to date now?

    1. Sue, 95% straight, the rest is just "mopping up" odd bits which will trickle through in time.

  2. Never mind the carving - that's a delightful photo of Daisy!

    1. Thanks Roddie, I'm very pleased with the picture. Did you spot how I managed to get Daisy to sit?

    2. Not sneaky, just realistic about what motivates Daisy!

  3. Just "love" that photo, Bilbo. You can see Daisy thinking, what the hell is it? A wooden mushroom perhaps?

  4. Me again. and I've noticed the biscuit on top. Well done.

    1. Well done Susan, now you know what Daisy was thinking which was "when is she going to stop telling me wait and let me get to the biscuit?"

  5. Well that's a bit off - I have three million things to do now back from my hols, and you go and do 12 months worth of updates. I should not be sitting here with a coffee enjoying myself looking through them, I should be doing work stuff. ;-)

    PS well done to Susan for spotting the bickie!

    1. Guilty as charged, Ma'am!!! Glad you are enjoying yourself :}

  6. Replies
    1. Dog thought bubble: what a stupid place to put my biscuit!


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