Thursday, 17 October 2013

Not Only... But Also

Not only quilting today but also lovely trip out after lunch.  As is so often the case, the weather changed at lunchtime; a grey and nearly damp morning became a bright, fresh and quite sunny afternoon.

We had a brisk walk up Latrigg in shirt sleeves although my plan to sit around and enjoy the summit for a while fell through because it was damn chilly in the breeze.  Despite a jacket for me and a fleece coat for Daisy it wasn't warm enough to really linger.

Peaceful at the top:

Clear all the way from Clough Head to Helvellyn:

Zooming in on High Rigg and Castlerigg Stone Circle:

The forest path has been repaired (after a fashion) since our last visit:

It was still a super little walk and before supper I finished quilting the little Blue Blankie I started earlier in the day.  It's not perfect, the tension is a bit rubbish in places on the back but as this little quilt will spend its life on the floor or in a dog bed, I'm not unpicking anything.  In order not to waste the width of the backing fabric (fleece, Madam's favourite) I added quick borders to the top which was 54" square before I started quilting, suspect it will have pulled in a bit but Daisy won't mind :}

Clearly she sees no reason why it has to be trimmed and bound before it can be tried out:


  1. Lovely pics and what a spoilt dog, but oh so cute.

  2. Spoilt? You have no idea! Right now she is curled up in an almost invisible ball under the quilt (OK, I helped "tuck her in"). I think it gets the Daisy Seal of Approval :}

  3. It certainly looks as though she's happy with it and has no problems with any tension issues, or anything else!

    1. You'll get the chance to see for yourself next weekend. I'm planning on putting the binding on and bringing it, and a couple of others, to hand finish.


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