Monday, 28 October 2013

"I want chocolate coins in mine"

Couldn't resist a little visit to Lakes Home Centre to see what interesting Christmas bits they are selling this year.  Apart from some new garlands for the kitchen there was very little to tempt a decoration junkie except for a couple of items.  Found these cute tree decorations, one each for Daisy and Management who declared "I want chocolate coins in mine". 

Also found these little tin hearts, but not in the Christmas section.  I'm going to separate them, dry-brush a little red on the embossed design and add some pretty ribbon. They should show up nicely against the dark branches of our tree.


  1. The little boxes are cute, and the hearts will look great when you've finished customising them.

    1. Thank Sue, hopefully I will do the customising for THIS Christmas, not one some time far in the future :}

  2. Oh dear - have to say Christmas isn't my favourite time of year - sorry!


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