Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Bag End through the year?

While I was having the MAMMOTH blog catch-up session I came across this picture, taken on 24th March.  I originally intended to do a post showing the Cottage Garden getting a thorough pre-season mulch of home-made compost.  Well, the mulch went down but the blog entry never happened ... such is life :}

I was shocked to see how bare the long border had been over winter and the difference to how it looks in the summer is remarkable.  It got me thinking that I'd like to do a series of posts/pictures showing how different parts of the garden change over a 12 month period.  But I haven't worked out how exactly to do it ...

At more than half an acre, the garden is too big for half a dozen "end of the month" shots to cover it.  The only idea I can come up with so far is to have a separate post for each part of the garden that I re-date and add to once a month?  This would mean that eventually a year's worth of images would be contained in one post.  Which might be huge and unwieldy?   Or do I do something completely different ... ?

I'd welcome some help and inspiration if anyone has any to spare, please :}


  1. You could use pages rather than post and link to each area using tabs or do you use Picasa web albums as you could do an album for each area and add photos to that.

    1. Thanks Sue, some good ideas to consider. Happy New Year to you both.

    2. I would have affed the I have something similar on my website See this page on my website but yesterday the server was down and I couldn't post the link.

    3. Thanks Sue, will toddle over and have a look. Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all that ...

    4. 'Affed the' - Oh dear - hope you guessed that it should be 'added that'. Must be after affects of last night's wine either that or they keep moving the keys on my keyboard

  2. I'll pop you an email with a thought I had for your season postings as it could be long winded. Happy New Year to you and M & D. Take care.


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