Thursday, 31 October 2013

Autumn Gardening

Daisy and I could have gone fellwalking today but we didn't.  Ever since I got back from Leeds I've felt quite bluuurgh with a low-level lurgy that's enough to make me feel like rubbish, but not enough to qualify as being properly poorly.  I knew if I went walking this morning it would turn into one of those 'lead legs' days; even walking around Harris Park on Tuesday was a struggle, and that's mostly flat.  Daisy was having one of those "full of beans" days so we went outside with shed keys and toys.  Keys for me, toys to try and burn off some of her excess energy. 

There's so much I want to do at this time of year:  rake up leaves, cut back perennials, move a few plants, plant bulbs, and much more.

We were making slow and steady progress (impeded by constantly stopping to throw the ball for Her Ladyship) until it started raining.  Not ordinary wet rain but cloudburst of biblical proportions raining. 


  1. Did you visit anywhere nice whilst you were up in our neck of the woods?

    1. Unfortunately Sue it wasn't that sort of weekend, spent all of it at my friend's house.


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