Saturday, 5 October 2013

A walk on the Whiteside

It was such a gorgeous morning that Management decided to join us on today's outing.  The plan was a drive to Honister, walk up Dale Head and then see where we felt like going when we got to the top ... of course, that's not what happened.

Long-story-short:   stopped in Cockermouth, bought a coffee and pasty straight out of the oven, too hot to eat.  Drove towards Buttermere.  Decided the parking area at Lanthwaite Green was the perfect spot to have "brunch".  Looked up at Whiteside against a clear sky - fatal!  We see Whiteside every day (weather permitting) and it's often (rightly) claimed to be one of the finest ridge walks in the Lake District, so you'd think it would be a regular destination.  Sadly that is not the case because pretty much every route to the lovely top includes a really nasty steep bit somewhere along the way and if either of us have a choice, nasty steep bits don't tend to feature too often.

But what's the point of being sensible all the time ... so off we went.

Glorious walk, ruddy steep at the beginning.  Daisy bounced around like a mountain goat and poor Management tried not to think about his knees.

Worth every bit of pain because the views from the ridge are outstanding.  The photos are less outstanding because the weather was being 'changeable'.  At Whin Benn we were sweating in the sunshine.  As we neared the Whiteside summit we could see cloud racing in behind us - good time to put on a jacket and have something to eat.

15 minutes later the weather changed again, and stayed clear for the rest of the day.  We walked the entire skyline in the next couple of photos before descending into Gasgale Gill.

Only 5 miles but the roughest ground we've taken Daisy on and certainly the most ascent she's had in one walk.  Our little girl took it all in her stride and coped brilliantly.  From tentative beginnings less than a year ago we've now got a strong, muscular hound who is probably capable of far more than I am.  Although she had the decency to crash out in front of the fire when we got home I think it will take a lot more than this to really tire her out.

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