Thursday, 24 October 2013

A "Three Peaks Day" for Daisy

I'm off to Yorkshire on Friday for a girlie weekend leaving Management and Little Miss Perfect for a quiet couple of days on their own and whilst M. will look after LMP beautifully, he won't be going on any major fellwalks. 

Regardless of the weather, one thing was always certain for today and that was Daisy and I would be going for a looong walk, however, the detail of the day was a up in the air until the 11th hour.  I planned a long, linear walk with my friend James but a b*ggered foot (his, not mine) put paid to that idea.  Plan B was greeted with glorious weather and Daisy and I set off from Braithwaite late morning.  By the time we got back to the car Madam had covered 5½ miles and a total of 1,865 feet of ascent.  She had overcome her dislike of water enough to do some bog-hopping and was muddy and tired.  Actually, there was no choice with the bog-hopping because of the route we took and both of us would have preferred not to get damp feet but sometimes these things can't be avoided!

The stats for the walk make our progress look pretty rubbish but that's because there was a huge amount of standing and just soaking up the view - and on a day like this, who wouldn't?  We were in no hurry to be anywhere and apart from seeing quite a few people on the top of Barrow we had nearly all the remainder of the route to ourselves.  Peaceful bliss :}

Forestry work has made the top of diminutive little Swinside look a right mess.

Climbing gently up Barrow a first glimpse of Coledale Hause and Force Crag Mine.

Slow progress upwards because I had to keep stopping to look behind me at Skiddaw and Blencathra, and Keswick and Derwent Water and the Penines!  I wasn't the only one enjoying myself ...

A close up of the house on Derwent Island (yours to rent for a mere £40K per annum) with the chimneys of Lingholm in the foreground.

A small (well, not so small nowadays) Four Legs seems to have taken to this fellwalking lark like the proverbial duck to water.

We went from Barrow across to Stile End- looking back at where we'd just come from.

Lousy photo of Daisy on Stile End with our next destination, Outerside, in the background.  Above her head, the path we'd take can be clearly seen.

Looking back to Low Moss which was always going to be pretty damp after the rain we've had recently but thankfully it's just water, not foul Mungrisdale Common-type-sucking-bog.

The walk up the steep north edge of Outerside was an absolute delight.  Completely deserted with a lovely path; it's how I remember most Lakeland paths being 20 years ago before millions of boots wore wide erosion scars across the ground.

The Mountain-Goat-also-known-as-Daisy took it all in her stride.

Outerside summit with Grisedale Pike in the background

On the way off Outerside she had a personal detour taking time to hunt in these rocks, I think she heard or smelt a mouse but never caught it.

All that remained now was a gentle walk back to Low Moss and an easy stroll back to the car.  At this point Daisy didn't know the day was going to end badly with another bath - Low Moss might not be very boggy but there's enough peat that she didn't smell too good.

Sadly there are no photos of the events which took place in my bathroom but I'll try to explain.  Daisy was made to endure a very quick wash in my bath which has a shower over it.  Once she was towel-dried I decided to have a quick shower myself keeping the bathroom door shut.  I figured it wouldn't hurt Madam to spend another five minutes in the room even though she absolutely hates it.

I jumped in the shower talking to her all the time to reassure our little girl that she wasn't really being tortured.  She sat for a while, then stood up, then sat down again, and suddenly through the shower screen I saw her deliberately get up on her back legs - left paw braced on the door jam, right paw carefully on the door handle.  If we didn't have smooth and slippery handles she'd have done it too ... I gently told her "no" so she sat down.  And seconds later tried it again.

This wasn't random or a frenzy of opportunist pawing.  Daisy knows how to open doors . . .  didn't see that one coming . . .


  1. Clever Daisy! Though I'm sure you're glad that she can't yet manage your particulary handles.

    1. Clever Daisy indeed. A bit too clever for her own good possibly :}

  2. Just loved that walk and it has made my morning just wonderful, before I start packing again. I think animals are way smarter than we really take them for. Both my late cats could open sliding doors. I'll do a quick post this afternoon, before all this computer stuff gets packed, but I should be up and running again by next week. Take care and hoped you enjoyed the outing down south.

    1. Good luck with your moving Susan, and I am glad our pictures have brought a smile to your day. Daisy can open sliding doors too ...

  3. So sorry my stupid foot wasn't up to it, I missed a lovely day out on the fells. At least you enjoyed it - I had to make do with a hobble round the village, although typically this week my foot seems much better {grrrr}

    1. Sorry I haven't promptly replied to your comment :{ We thought of you often - it was a lovely day to be out and I wish you had not needed to take a sick note. Fingers crossed for good weather on your next visit.

  4. Lovely views - this one slipped under the radar and it dodn't appear on my updated blog posts list.


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