Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A grey morning in Ennerdale

When Daisy and I went to Ennerdale last month we walked down the south side of the water.  Today we drove down to Bowness Knott to walk along the north side.  It's got to be 20 years or more since I last went along here so had completely forgotten what the path was like.

I've said it numerous times, but for me one of the best things about walking in this area is getting away from civilisation.  Unfortunately, the track is well maintained to provide access to Gillerthwaite Field Centre and it makes for a flat, boring trudge.  Perhaps if I was heading for Pillar and doing a long hike then I'd appreciate being able to make good time on this section but road walks have never been high on my list of enjoyable activities and today was no exception.

Daisy pottered along, bless her, but it was interesting to see her take to the grass verges where she could rather than walk on the hard surface.

The best bit of the walk (for both of us, I think) was a small detour into the woods and the most amusing was bumping into a neighbour who was doing volunteer work collecting rowan and hawthorn berries for reseeding further up the valley.  We could have shared a car and saved a bit of fuel :}

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