Saturday, 21 September 2013

Weekend dog walk

Partly for convenience and partly due to laziness on my part, we tend to walk in the same small area time after time.  I've wondered if constantly showing the same few fells is boring for other people and then realised "so flippin' what"?  My blog, my rules and if it bores the ocacsional drive-by visitor then I guess they will go away.

So, once again, a trip to Sale Fell.  When I got up Daisy and I hadn't planned to zoom up a nearby fell but the weather was much nicer than either I expected, or the photographs imply.  Daisy doesn't seem to mind the repetition and once again we covered 3 miles, although despite a sit down at the summit (second breakfast), we were only out about 90 minutes.

Here she is celebrating reaching the summit by trying to catch her tail.  Occasionally she succeeds.

Here she is trying to see if my food (a) tastes better than hers (b) is heading in her direction.  The answers are 'yes probably' and 'not a chance'.

She continues to be off her food and, sometimes, not quite herself.  However, the "I can't possibly eat this" act does not extend to walking treats, other biscuits or anything we might be trying to consume.  Management suggested we tried tinned food seeing as she's currently sneering at superb quality complete kibble.  I bought a couple of cans of Chappie and - no surprises - she wolfed it down.  That was yesterday, of course.  Today it is relegated to **! Poison, Danger Will Robinson, Poison !**

Daisy doesn't realise I have one huge advantage over her:  I've seen how this tough little dog can survive when almost starved to death.  This means that she can turn her nose up at one, two or even three meals on the trot.  As long as she's drinking, I'm just smiling at her and saying "good girl, you'll eat when you're hungry", and guess what - that's exactly what is happening.  My suspicion is that Little Miss Perfect is having a bit of a teenage tantrum and, now she feels safe and secure, trying to see how far she can push us.

Sorry sweetie.  I adore you, but you're not going to win this one.  There's only room for one Alpha Female in this household and I've already claimed that spot.

Looking north-east to the fells 'Back O'Skida'.  Click to enlarge.


  1. I shall never tire of looking at that view.
    Not sure why but Feedly seems to release about four of your posts all in one go.
    Hope Daisy gets back into the food thing soon.

    1. Morning Rusty. I hope I never tire of that view either :} The TV programme says 'Location, Location, Location' and that's very true.

      Feedly is not entirely at fault - I suffer from Blog-lag and publish multiple posts in one go! Bloglovin' is worse - they're not even picking up all feeds according to forums, et al.

      Daisy thanks you for the good wishes :} woof, woof.

  2. Lovely pics once again and if Daisy has the energy to do the walks, she must be ok and she's not losing weight is she?

  3. My feeds sometimes ignores them altogether so I have to keep popping by - just in case.

    Dogs are just so funny! Daisy doesn't look short of food does she?

  4. Susan and Sue, Daisy is doing OK thanks. I'm aiming for another update towards the end of the week :}

  5. I knew I'd seen your blog before, but lost you for some reason. I've added you to my follow list so it won't happen again. Hope Daisy is ok, I saw that her DNA test wasn't very useful! There could be some Manchester terrier there, I believe they are part of the Whippet DNA. Whatever, she is beautiful! xx

    1. Hi Debbie, welcome (back) to Bag End. Blog-land is becoming an increasingly small world, isn't it? You're not the first person to suggest Manchester Terrier although she doesn't have much in the way of terrier characteristics.

      We agree with you - she's beautiful and I can honestly say that in the ten months she has been with us, she's not put a foot wrong yet.


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