Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Small scale stash reduction

The quilting zeitgeist at present seems to be focussing on the colossal size of people's "stashes".  Everywhere I look online ladies are showing off photos of beautiful organised (or not) fabric collections comprising hundreds and hundreds of yards of material.

My own collection stays behind closed doors and whilst nothing like as extensive as some, there is still possibly more fabric than I have time to use in the remaining lifespan allotted to me!  I was trying to explain this to Management at the weekend and pulled out 10 yards of patchwork fabric.  That's roughly how much I might use to make a bed-sized quilt top. He was then able to look at the pile in my hand, look at what's in the cupboards and go "ah, see what you mean".

"She who dies with the most fabric wins" - what a load of bollocks.  She who dies with the most fabric has wasted time and money and never had the pleasure of using it all. 

I have no intention of popping off this mortal coil for many decades to come but I'd prefer any legacy I leave is in the shape of a beautiful garden, not beautifully arranged cupboards full of fabric.  This means using it and I haven't been very good at that recently.  I keep trying to clear up the sewing room with the intention of firstly using up all the carefully colour-sorted scraps.  That's not going too well.

Neither is the plan to use up all the Fat Quarters before I start on the serious yardage.  Some of these FQs have been around for so long I have no idea where they came from, and fabric tastes change over time.  I pulled out all the floral FQs and sorted them into 'bright' and 'less in your face'.  The bright ones became random four-patches over the wet weekend, and a couple of days later have turned into two little Daisy-sized quilt tops.  I keep changing my mind about what to do with the other pile of floral FQs.

Each little top is about a metre square, the piecing's not bad but design and fabric selection wouldn't win any prizes.  Once backed with soft, snuggly fleeece (the only thing Her Ladyship is happy to lie on) I am sure Daisy won't mind what they look like.

     OK, broke into yardage for this one, but the blue fabric is something I wanted to use up.

Still too many Fat Quarters and untouched baskets of scraps but it's a start :} 


  1. Haha. Knowing the size of your stash, you're going to have to make more than 2 Daisy-quilts to us it up! 2 per week for the next 20 years might do it though.

    1. Haha back to you! Given our recent conversation I think we've just found a use for at least 7 or 8 yards!

  2. I actually have done the same and the dogs are really rather well equipped with quilts. But at least they are being used and loved. :-)

    1. Hi Amanda, lovely to hear from you. Nothing wrong with our dogs having their own personal quilt collection :}

  3. I'm doing the same with our impending move and have come the conclusion I'm not spending money on all this "stuff" I've bought over the years. In fact I think it is all making me sick, so I intend to do a lot of smallish quilts for some sort of charity. I'll keep you posted. I think your idea of a beautiful garden is wonderful.

    1. Oh Susan, don't let all the things you've enjoyed buying over the years make you feel ill. Use it up with a glad heart :} I find it very liberating to make silly little tops like this, no pressure to have it 'show perfect', and because they're small a top like this can be completed in a day or two which is very motivating.


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