Wednesday, 25 September 2013

On ~not~ going for a walk

Do you ever get the feeling The Universe is trying to tell you NOT to do something?  Daisy and I set off late morning for a local fell walk and an al fresco lunch.  We parked at Fangs Brow and followed the footpath half a mile to the first gate.  Our intended route was to head up Burnbank Fell, wander in the direction of Carling Knott and then come back.

The cattle nursing small calves had other ideas.  I might be daft sometimes but I'm not a complete idiot and there are no circumstances where I would take a dog into a field with cows and their babies.

So the walk we actually did was:

Back to the car, drive off in search of Plan B. I didn't feel like our usual stroll through Holme Wood instead taking the extremely narrow track to Maggie's Bridge.  Where there were no parking spaces ...

Carried on thinking we'd go to Whinlatter, not been there for a while.  But at Scale Hill I was met with:

I could see the funny side of it and got out of the car to take the photograph.  This was when a very pleasant couple got out of their car and said "Excuse me, we're confused and not sure where to go!".  He was obviously nervous about taking the narrow diversion but we had a chat, laughed about being thwarted, and they followed me along the Thackthwaite road as far as Lorton.  By then I had a stinking headache because lunch hadn't happened and Daisy was a bit stressed and "dribbly", so I figured we were not meant to be fellwalking today and came home but at least I'd done my bit for tourist relations.

I sort of felt obliged to make something of the day after wasting a couple of hours and a gallon of fuel.  With numerous breaks to play with Madam I cut all the lawns.



Daisy probably ended up running about more in the garden than she would have done on the fells and didn't move much once the woodburner was lit :}  From the Coppice I can chuck the ball all the way down to the bottom gate, probably over 100 ft - must measure it sometime.

It's her favourite game.


  1. Goodness, today your blog post actually came up on the top of my list. It usually languishes down the bottom and I notice a different title. The good fairies must be about. Funny how some things just aren't meant to happen. Will that be the last of the mowing till next spring?

    1. Morning Susan, I'm glad the RSS Feed Fairies are working for you :}

      No chance of that being the last grass cut. It's unseasonally mild at present, warm combined with rain are nirvana for grass which grows here like a weed!

  2. What a good Samaritan you are! I just hate those Road Closed signs where you find that the problem was after where you wanted to be and you could have accessed without a problem.

    1. The 'problem' was just the other side of the bridge. I could have parked over the bridge and walked next to Loweswater itself but it's not somewhere I particularly like. As for 'good Samaritan' - don't know about that but I try not to forget that once upon a time I too was a visitor up here looking enviously at all the 'locals' :}

  3. As an ex bridge engineer I used to be good at road closures!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Dear "ex bridge engineer", I don't mind the closure, it's the lack of any signage until you actually GET to the closure that can be a tad irritating!


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