Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Log Cabin cushion

A friend is hurtling towards her 50th birthday and she's not feeling good about it.  M. has done a lot for me over the last couple of years and in an ideal world I would make her a lap quilt for her birthday.  This is not an ideal world and I just don't have the time to make a nice quilt and have it finished before she's 52.  I do, however, have the time to make something a little less ambitious.

We've all heard stories of quilters who have invested huge amounts of money and time into a quilted gift only to find the recipient hates it/doesn't use it/wraps engine parts in it; some folk just don't care for hand-made textiles.  So I asked M. first and had her look through some fabric to ensure that if I made something it wouldn't be wasted.

I used a "quilt-as-you-go" method which wouldn't normally be my first choice of technique but it's given the pieced block a lovely depth and texture.

A big feather pad completed the picture and I even managed to get a pillowcase opening and hand-finished binding to look reasonable. It looks and feels much better in the flesh than in these pictures.

I confess, difficult to give this one away.  I've never been a lover of patchwork cushions but I'm really, really pleased with how this turned out.  So much so that I went and bought a couple more feather pads and plan to make some extra cushions for the sitting room.  So many plans, so little time!


  1. Beautiful colours. They remind me of the sea. I keep meaning to try the QAYG thing, but have never got round to it so far.

  2. They remind me of the sea
    Bless you! The "brief" I was given is that she likes "trees, leaves, aqua, watery" ......

    QAYG doesn't normally do it for me at all but there's a place for every technique, I guess, and I think this (and maybe placemats) are probably it!


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