Saturday, 14 September 2013

Getting out before the weather breaks

Friday wasn't all about doggy dressmaking.

I've wondered if some of Daisy's 'flatness' is that she was bored and that she was not eating well because she wasn't hungry enough.  There certainly didn't seem anything significantly wrong with her so after a morning in the sewing room we set off on Friday afternoon for one of her favourites - Sale Fell.  We've noticed she loves the feel of closely cropped grass under her feet and it's one place she always has a few 'mad moments' and zooms around for the sheer joy of it.

    a quick "can I catch my tail if I spin fast enough?" moment

Another 3½ miles and darn pleasant it was too!  Only met one other person the entire walk and once again our timing was spot-on because it started to rain gently just as we got back in the car.

Saturday morning the weather was absolutely drop-dead, stunningly gorgeous with a whole jar of cherries on top. Blue sky, fluffy clouds, sunshine, perfect temperature. Daisy and I went to Latrigg first thing and felt remarkably pleased with ourselves that as we were returning to the car (about 11.00am after 3½ miles) we passed numerous people just starting out, and we had enjoyed the summit in complete solitude and total silence.  Whilst it was good to see 50 or 60 folk heading out for a walk I'm glad I didn't have to share the quiet paths with any of them.

The views were stunning this morning and I couldn't stop taking pictures :} 

The only tricky bit was negotiating an area where there's been some recently tree work.  Fortunately we were able to traverse through remaining trees and avoid having to wade through the damage that forestry machinery does to wet ground.  Yuk.

3½ miles and two hours seems to be our default setting at present; weather permitting I'd like to up the distance & time a little over the next few weeks.  I reckon Daisy can take it, question is, can I?


  1. It does look so beautiful. I hope you both enjoyed it.

    1. Thanks Sue, three walks in three days - yes, enjoyed it very much :}

  2. Those pics are drop dead gorgeous. I wonder if Daisy enjoys the views too? Glad you've had some good walks as I suppose before long the weather will be quite cold.

    1. Susan, I don't know about 'enjoying' but Daisy certainly looks at the view, Ollie used to as well.


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