Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Bag End Cam, 4

We continue to mess around with the wildlife cameras.  Maybe one day I'll settle on permanent locations for them but for now we are moving them around every three or four days.

The neighbourhood bird-killing machine continues to visit far too often.  I'm less than impressed but there's not much we can do.  I'm wondering if Daisy lived with a cat in her previous life because she shows no interest in chasing the dratted thing away :{

This is the only pheasant to survive from an initial clutch of more than eight.  He and his parents still visit nearly every day for corn.

This young squirrel is busy secreting hazelnuts all around the garden.  Hopefully he will survive the winter and not get killed on the road like so many others.


  1. Dreadful to think of red squirrels being killed on the road.

    1. Sadly they have absolutely no road sense and we live on a country lane which some locals think is a testing track for M-Sport. Every year my neighbour finds a couple of bodies further up the road on the way to a site where we believe the dreys are. It's not a route I walk so thankfully have been spared the sight.

  2. I too hope he survives as they are so beautiful and are quite endangered these days. Not sure you've looked at my blog lately, but a couple of weeks ago I posted about possum and glider crossings on our major highway. Do they think of those sort of things in UK? I suppose I could ask my nephew as he has something to do with roads.

    1. Susan, yes, there are places where crossing points are created for certain animals but I'm not convinced it always work. Perhaps if we didn't build the roads in the first place .....

      Sorry, haven't been to yours - or anyone else's - blog recently. Just trying to catch up with myself (still!)

  3. I've been putting our camera by the empty snail shells to see if anything came near but so far nothing!


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