Thursday, 26 September 2013

A walk which did go according to plan

This getting up early lark has advantages other than seeing the sun rise:  I had the boot room curtains cut to length* and the food shopping done and put away before late morning. Drove to Threlkeld in shirt sleeves, sunshine and wonderful visibility to re-do a walk which Daisy and I last attempted in February.  That day I didn't get to Skiddaw House because it was freezing cold and I was having one of those "legs filled with lead" days.

Today could not have been more different.  Daisy coped admirably with the increased distance (just under 5½ miles) and, when we stopped for a bite to eat, was quick to eat a small bowl of kibble and a few biscuits.**

Some of these pics are out of order ...

We walked nearly to Skiddaw House, had some food and walked back.  Some people might find this a bleak area but I think it's utterly gorgeous.  We sat here for a while and there was no sound at all, not even wind.  There were no people either just this huge expanse of land - complete stillness and silence.  I'd have stayed longer but it was nearly 4.00pm and time to turn around, next time Madam and I need to set off much earlier and allow time to sit around here for an hour or two.

Work on the small hydro scheme for the Blencathra Centre is progressing.  Once completed there will be virtually no effect on the landscape except for the new plant building, which will look like refurbished peat house.  It's an intelligent use of the landscape and resources and I wish we saw more of it around here.  Far better than looking at sodding wind turbines.

The foul and mostly featureless Mungrisdale Common.  Friends know I have little desire and absolutely no intention of ever walking there again.

Looking south to High Rigg with Helvellyn in the distance (far left)

Temporary extra layer for both of us whilst sitting still, but too warm to walk in more than shirt sleeves.  Far too warm for the end of September but I'm not complaining :}

The average speed doesn't take account of our sit down for some grub - must remember to pause the ' track record' when we stop.

* Quit sniggering at the back.  Yes, curtains for the room which was refurbished and decorated in April.  I hate doing curtains, it's a miracle it has only taken this long ...

**  We had a visit to the vet on Monday, partly to look at a lump on her leg - which was swiftly dealt with [small, cyst-thing] and partly to talk about her eating. Clare gave Little Miss Perfect a thorough examination and agrees with our thinking that some of the not eating might be trying it on, and a lot of it might be that we've now "filled her up" and she just doesn't eat unless she is hungry.  So, I have cut down the volume of food at each meal, she's eating most of it, although not all, and I will keep a close eye on her and her weight ....  Worse than kids 


  1. Glad you finally had a good walk. Another lovely set of photos, it may look a little bleak at times, but I love all the purples in the heathers, such a wonderful set of colours :)

    1. The autumn colours are just starting to develop. Not a place I'd want to be caught in heavy rain but beautiful nonetheless :}

  2. Beautiful view down the valley to Helvellyn.
    I still have no bedroom curtains.

    1. If it were not for the fact that the bedroom is at the front and can be seen from the road, I wouldn't have got round to bedroom curtains either!

  3. That seems like a lovely walk and Miss does really well. I love that sort of country as the first time I visited the Penines I just fell in love with it. A couple of years later I found out that it is where my Dad's family came from. I found that really strange. Curtains!!! I don't make them any more as most windows over here go from floor to ceiling and I just can't manage all that fabric.

    1. Susan, well spotted :} This is probably the most "Penine-like" part of the Lake District.

      I have the same problem with curtains as many of our windows are full length. Way too much fabric-wrangling.

  4. Been getting cross as I've had several attempts to leave you a comment and they've not been accepted - so you'll hear me yelling happily if this one works!

    1. Nutty, m'love, WONDERFUL to hear from you :] I'm yelling happily too. This year has been absolute pants when it comes to keeping in touch with friends, but I'm feeling much better now, hope you are too. We'll catch up soon :} huggles from Bag End


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