Thursday, 29 August 2013

New gate

If you've been to Bag End you will know it's "round the wrong way" and our front door is at the side of the house, not the front.  There is, however, a door at the front which some people assume is our main entrance (it leads into my sewing room).  We don't want folk wandering in this way - too near the bedroom windows and there is no bell, no letterbox, so a couple of years ago we put a simple sign on the gate.

It was too simple and despite the gate having both a top and bottom bolt, occasionally I still had some idiot trying to get through. Eventually I had to deal with one ignorant git too many, lost what small vestige of patience remained and ordered a new gate.

What you can't see is the large sign I found in the farm supply store which says NO ENTRY .  It has worked, so far!  The gate looks good but in typical Bag End style is giving Management and I all sorts of ideas about extending the fence either side to the same height ....


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