Friday, 23 August 2013

If you go down to the woods today ...

In the wood there is a tree:

And in the tree there is a door:

But despite her best efforts (and the helpful addition of a door knob), Daisy couldn't get inside :}

Another delightful wander through Holme Wood this afternoon.  Despite it being the day before a Bank Holiday the place was almost deserted and I only saw a couple of people the whole time we were out.


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    1. Oh, bless you for that, I ~must~ be tired because that hadn't occurred to me.
      Of course, now I will always think of it that way :}

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  2. Honestly - just trying to put a comment where it should be!

    Don't you just love beech woods? Thank the kind soul who put the door-knob on, and sparked the imagination of surely *any* child who has come across it. :)

    1. Hazel, you just put your comments wherever you want :}

      Ages ago I am sure I saw something similar on a gardening blog, someone had done something like that in her own garden for the grandchildren. Can't remember who/where but I'm now wondering if there is somewhere at Bag End which could host a Hobbit door?

    2. I think a hobbit summerhouse would be even better.

    3. Sue, we've already considered that and I know just where in the garden it would go :}

      Trouble is, they're ruddy expensive so I don't know that we'll ever do it!

  3. Reminds me of trees here with the aboriginal canoes cut from them. I wonder what was cut from that one?

    1. Susan, I suspect it was just a low branch. This is National Trust land and they're often a bit quick with the chainsaw when limbs are near footpaths. After the 2009 floods two stunning (and very old) beech trees were felled at Wordsworth House "because they were near a footpath". They'd been near the footpath for hundreds of years ... bloody health & Safety gone mad {grrrr}


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