Wednesday, 14 August 2013

I can see my house from here!

I've dug around some very old picture folders and this is the view from upstairs at the Hampshire house (that's a flock of waxwings in the trees).

Although a newly built estate it was a good place; lots of space, lots of protected trees & hedgerows with an ancient bluebell wood next door.  But nearly everywhere you looked there were more houses, cars and people.  Which is why it feels more than a little querulous if I complain about the lack of views/visibility here!

And so it was this afternoon when Daisy and I had a short bimble around the back of Lorton.  Cloudy haze notwithstanding, when Daisy and I sat down just to enjoy the peace and absolute silence I could still see Rannerdale Knotts, Haystacks and Great Gable amongst others and on a clear day, Scaffel Pike is visible.

Daisy picked up the restful mood and was happy to settle down and watch the world.

I've often heard that tadpoles in inhospitable conditions can take two years to develop.  This puddle at the bottom of a track is probably one of those places.

Heading for home now, I can see my house from here :}


  1. Perfect peace ,,, lovely shots of Daisy ,,, oh yes and the view!

    1. Thanks Jill, your comment has reminded me I haven't been back here for ages. Management came up with me one afternoon but Daisy and I must return sometime ...


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