Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hobbit 1, Mole 0

Gary returned this morning and checked all the traps.  One dead body in the big curved bed behind the Big Pond. He's left the remainder of the traps and will come back again at the weekend.

I've also found fresh molehills in the roadside verge opposite the house which are obviously from a mole(s) working the field opposite.  I asked him if he was allowed to do anything on land I didn't own, immediately he said "no problem, I'll call the Council".  Apparently as long as he tells Allerdale what he's doing they don't mind and are happy for him to get on with it.  I don't mind paying for the damn things to be trapped before they work their way into the Cottage Garden.


  1. Thank you to Susan and Sue! It may be that this is the only mole in the garden - they can have large territories and cover more ground than we have here. Only problem is that whilst the mole might be no more, than tunnels it made are still there and it's entirely possible another one will move in ...

  2. My place is rampant with the little blighters too. But I have to pick my battles this year. *sigh* You go get 'em, gal.

    1. Or Lordy, I didn't realise you had underground attackers as well as the above-ground deer.

      Sorry I have been AWOL from your blog for a while (been AWOL from ~everyone's~ blogs recently). Will come over for a visit next week :}

    2. Yep. Moles. Chipmunks. Carpenter bees. You name it. I got it. "If you build it, they will come." And come they did... *sigh*


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