Friday, 16 August 2013

A gift from Australia

When QuiltSue came to stay last month she brought with her a gift from another Susan.  This was totally unexpected but one of the amazing things that happens with friends made through blogs.  Susan sent similar gifts to Sue (obviously!) and Hazel.

Chatting to Sue earlier in the week and we were pondering what to make with our Aussie gift; she came up with the idea of Stack'n'Whack.  Brilliant idea, just the right thing for the feature fabric but one problem - not enough material.  I pondered this for a couple of days and then remembered a simplified version of S'n'W that was around a few years back - Four-Patch Posie.  If you Google it there are hundreds of images online, but this blog from Michele in Wisconsin has a very good explanation of the effect.

Watch this space :}


  1. I didn't think about the yardage thing did I? Still, I love your suggestion. I've never seen that before, now I'm off to spend even more time playing on the computer to look at some of these quilts.

    1. The Piecing Fiend which is J. in St Louis has made a couple of beautiful floral quilts using this technique which is how I heard about it.

      I was thinking of you and laughing - forget about "take four" you can pretty much get away with "take one" plus maybe another for a 'stop border' and then use the uncut floral for an outer border .... just thinking out loud, not suggesting anything {giggle}

  2. Will wait in anticipation to see what you do with it. I've been a bit AWOL lately with so much to do and still not on top of things. Glad you like it. I'm off to a retreat this weekend for my Statler, so hopefully will relax a little. I'll post after the weekend.

    1. Susan, you couldn't be much more blog-AWOL than me at present :}

      Once again, thank you for such a lovely and unexpected gift.


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