Monday, 29 July 2013


This is war.  It will not end well for one party involved.

For sometime I have had a sickening and sneaking suspicion that Bag End had acquired a little more wildlife than is good for it.  After all the time, effort and money that has been spent on creating a garden here, I am damned if a small, furry mammal is going to destroy it.

The "mole man" is due tomorrow morning.  I don't care whether he uses traps, poison or witchcraft.  He gets paid when the little sod is dead.


  1. Oh dear!!!! I've seen all about "moles" on "The Dales", and know that they are a huge pest problem, so good luck getting rid of them.

    1. Thanks Susan, they are coming in from the field opposite so I will probably never get rid of the problem completely, just have to try to keep on top of it. Grrrr......

  2. Oh crikey, remind me never to fall out with you!!

    1. As you are unlikely to drive over and trash my garden I think there is very little chance of us falling out :}


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