Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Final Outing

Not my final outing, and certainly not Daisy's, but the final outing for my third Panasonic Lumix, only more of that later.

My friend Jill is here on holiday this week.  They have brought their lovely caravan* to a most glorious tiny site near Bassenthwaite and she & I decided to go for a walk.  I selected the route very deliberately choosing to walk up Latrigg from Keswick.  This meant we would go past the fabulous house/garden on Spooney Green Lane that I was able to visit last year (it's also a super B&B, just saying ...)  Jill is a keen gardener and I knew she'd enjoy the tantalising glimpses over various gates!

Everything was going according to plan.  Perfect weather, good company, and we are well matched with pace and fitness so a good walk was being enjoyed by all.  Until we stopped to take photos at a viewpoint and I discovered the lens cover on the Lumix TZ35 was not closing properly.  I was still able to take pictures but bitter experience tells me that this is the start of the end and it wouldn't be long before the camera failed completely.  Grrrr.

It didn't spoil our walk and everyone enjoyed themselves.  Jill hadn't done this route before and Daisy hadn't been all the way to the summit.  It was blowy and breezy on top so after a quick biscuit for Madam and a Twix for us (thanks Jill) we set off to walk back down.

     the obligatory 'summit snack'  (Daisy didn't eat everything in that box!)

When we reached the edge of the woods I noticed Ian Wallace was in his garden.  We got chatting, long story short, he asked us if we would like to walk through his garden on the way to the car instead of staying in the lane!  Fabulous end to a super little walk and I was so pleased that Jill was able to see this lovely garden for herself.

Back to the camera.  I tested it a few times once home.  Yep, it's failing, AGAIN.  The sad story of my attempt to use something other than a Canon camera goes like this:  A year ago I bought a Panasonic Lumix TZ25 which was an excellent bit of kit, until the focusing motors failed after 7 months. Amazon were brilliant and replaced it.   Three months later the replacement TZ25 developed the same fault.

Both TZ25's lived in a case when not in use. They were not subjected to extremes of heat or cold. They did not got wet. They have not been dropped.

Amazon could not replace the second TZ25 with the same model because it wasn't available. They did, however, allow me to trade up to a later model, the TZ35. That was on 16th April. Today the lens cover no longer closes properly and experience sadly tells me that this is the start of the motors failing and it won't be long before I can't take any pictures with it.

Google searches lead me to believe that this is not an isolated incident and that Panasonic have a quality control problem which they are not fixing. I was paranoid with the TZ35 - it didn't spend a second out of a hard case when not in use; I know I have not damaged it.

I'll now be spending far more time that I want researching a non-Panasonic alternative :{

I know Amazon have received a kicking recently for various "corporate practises" but can you think of a bricks & mortar store who would have changed this camera for me three times and ended with a full refund?  With service and backup like this, and living a long way from a wide range of high street stores, why would I not shop with them?

*  I have done, and probably always will, hankered after a "Wendy House on Wheels".  Doubt I'll ever have one though.


  1. I've always wanted a caravan too, or a camper van type of thing, but it's not going to happen - a certain someone really hates them.

    Beautiful views, even if the camera was playing up.

    1. I hanker after a modern version of the classic VW camper van. Never going to happen although occasionally I ponder the idea of hiring one and taking Daisy to Scotland for a few days.

  2. The walk sounds lovely and glad the weather was good. That garden sounds great, but sad about your camera. I've recently purchased a Samsung and am still getting to know it. To add to Sue's comment on the caravan above, we have one which we upgraded to after our camper trailer. Putting the camper trailer up in the pouring rain was too much and the caravan is a little more roomy as I suffer from claustrophobia. We don't get to use it as much as hubby would like.

    1. Thanks Susan, I have joked about a campervan for years, trouble is, when you live in the most beautiful part of the entire country there is very little incentive to get up and go anywhere else :}

      I also have to deal with claustrophobia which is why, in reality, we will probably never buy a 'van.

  3. LOvely garden and Daisy was allowed in too!

    Shame about the Panasonic camera as I love mine - oh dear why dd I say that?

    1. I seem to recall I was having Panasonic problems last time you were here and that didn't jinx you, so don't worry!

    2. You were weren't you so hopefully I should be OK

  4. Thanks for a great walk and a brilliant finish. That garden was beautiful. Hope you get your camera sorted.

    1. Thanks Jill, there was a reason I was using the little Panasonic - best image quality and fastest response in its class.

      However, three failures when I have been ultra-careful is not acceptable. Haven't yet started the long process of researching an alternative :{


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